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Kaos esports

Welcome to KaoS Esports, we are a leading UK based Esports Organisation.


We currently have 4 teams representing us in Battlefield V and NHL 21 tournaments. We are looking to branch out into other games which you can find in the Teams tab at the top. We always expect our teams to be professional and respectful to others. You'll find our upcoming online tournaments in the Matches tab at the top.

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We like to attend LAN events such as Insomnia in the UK and also the likes of Blizzcon in Los Angeles. We're hoping to continue improving our organisation and pick up some new teams to work with and compete at the highest level we possibly can. Aside from the competitive gaming,

we also like to get together and attend conventions like comic cons.



The content you'll find on our YouTube channel will vary from the casual gameplay with friends, to competitive Esports highlights, frag movies/montages etc. You can check us out in the link below.  



We're quite active across our social media; the links below is where you'll be able to keep up to date with our latest video uploads, match results, and news in general.

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