We're currently aiming to to have teams represent in 8 games under the KaoS organisation. Each team filled with dedicated players, that compete in tournaments online and at LAN events. We train hard and play hard. We're dedicated to helping ourselves and each other!



Prior to the release of Battlefield 4, we pre-built a team on PS4 that went on to become one of the best teams on the Battlefield franchise.


ESB BF4 Season 6 Winners

Challenger League Season 1 Winners

ESB BF Hardline Season 2 Winners

Call Of Duty


Currently seeking a Call of Duty team to compete in Call of Duty Leagues online and CWL.

CS:GO team

We're currently on the lookout to pick up a new CS:GO team that will practice weekdays for multiple hours in order for us to improve as much as possible. The team will be entered into the likes of ESEA Open and will be participating in other tournaments and cups throughout the year.


Currently seeking a Fortnite team to compete in Leagues online and LAN events.

League Of Legends


Currently on the lookout to sign a League Of Legends team, that will go on to compete in tournaments, both online and LAN.

Overwatch team

Currently seeking an Overwatch team to compete in Overwatch Leagues and online and LAN tournaments.


six siege


Our official Rainbow Six Siege Team. Check out the team's page by clicking the link below for more info



Currently seeking a Smite team to compete in the Smite PS4 League and HRX tournaments.

Contact  Us

If you have any questions about our organisation or your looking to inquire about a member of staff position within KaoS eSports, then send an email to the following link below providing us with a CV and we'll get back to you as soon as we.

Social / Media

Check us out on all our social / media links, with our latest videos on YouTube, catch us streaming live on Twitch, latest news updates via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also become a member of our community by joining our official Discord and Steam Community.


Thanks for all the support and donations, it's much appreciated. All donations go to improving and advertising our organisation to help our teams grow and support/fund them to be able to compete at the likes of LAN events and such.

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